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Who Can Benefit from Buteyko?

Using the Buteyko techniques and Telemedicine, Carrie Ibbetson was able to relieve her sinus infection, clear her nose, and avoid taking antibiotics.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

With OMT our job is to get the tongue to the roof of the mouth as a natural landing spot and teach it to stay there.

In children, the use of the tongue in this way will apply pressure to the palate to increase its size naturally. Poor tongue placement or use can interfere with sinus development and nasal breathing.

In adults, OMT can improve the quality of life by improving breathing and swallowing.

Buteyko Breathing Method

The airway is proving to be most of all important in preventive medicine. Issues affecting the airway, starting in infancy, can be prevented or treated by using orofacial myofunctional techniques (OMT). In adults, a combination of OMT and breathing retraining can improve many health markers.

We Help Children, Teens, & Adults With...

Thumb Sucking

Nail Biting

Pacifier Retirement


Tongue Thrusts

Lip & Tongue Sucking

Sleep Disturbances

And More!


Long Faces

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Orthodontic Relapse

Silent Acid Reflux

Restless Legs


Temporomandibular Pain

Sinus Infections

“Yesterday morning, I woke up for the first time in 20 years without feeling foggy.”

― A Happy Client