The Spot for Health

The Spot for Health – Capitol Physical Therapy

Daryl Lamprey at Capitol Physical Therapy (Sun Prairie) Daryl Lamprey from Capitol Physical Therapy talks with Shirley about some of the treatments and exercises you experience at Capitol Physical Therapy. He’ll be using the (Edge Mobility Tool) to find soft tissue mobilization issues or (scar tissue) on Shirley’s mouse hand.

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Wisconsin Dental Solutions implants and dentures

Dr. Peter and Lori Sherman with Wisconsin Dental Solutions Dr. Peter and Lori Sherman from Wisconsin Dental Solutions are talking with Shirley about Dental Implants and Dentures, they explain how natural and easy it is to get them. Done in one visit patients are leaving smiling bigger and better. Dr. Peter Lotowski owns Wisconsin Dental Solutions. His…

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Chiropractor Dr. Ager with Ager Chiropractic

Chiropractor Sandra Ager interviewed    Ager Chiropractic   Chiropractor Dr. Ager, of Ager Chiropractic, is interviewed by Shirley Gutkowski about her practice of Chiropractic and Wellness on The Spot for Health. Dr. Ager also shows what she uses to find troubled areas in someone’s spine using Myo-vision scanners. Sandy Ager, DC, CCEP is a 2006 graduate of…

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