Primal Air Training

Orofacial myofunctional therapy in your dental office

*Learn how you can improve patient
outcomes by incorporating soft tissue
functional exams.
*Solve mouth breathing
*Solve tricky tongue tie presentations
*Help patients with snoring
*Learn when an OMT referral is appropriate
*Offering simple OMT techniques, postures,
and maneuvers of the tongue and orofacial
muscles your practice can stand above

- Don’t add extra time to your exams
- Don’t spend more time explaining things
- Spend time admiring your root cause
assessment and stellar outcomes.

What you’ll leave with

•A complete assessment of your oral condition

Confidence in identifying
    •Tongue tie
    •Sleep disordered breathing
    •Mouth breathing

Cookbook ways to start treatment of

•Thumb sucking
•Mouth breathing in children
•ICD 10 codes

Appliances to promote

•Growth and development
•Start at age one
•Replace pacifiers


September 10
September 11


East Berlin Smiles
The Tongue Tie Center


September 18
September 19


1266 W. Main in Sun Prairie

Shirley Gutkowski

Shirley Gutkowski

CEO & Primary Practitioner at Primal Air,LLC

•Practicing since 2016
•Primal Air is working with five therapists around the country
•AOMT and Benkert trained

For Registration Contact

608 318 2800


3 team members
(One dentist and two clinicians)