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How mouth taping can be key to achieving healthy nasal breathing

By Ahmed Hassan saigal | October 5, 2021

  Shirley Gutkowski explains why nose breathing is pretty important. Don’t be shy about suggesting taping the mouth to help someone achieve healthy breathing. Shirley Gutkowski, BSDH, RDH Try something as you read this article—breathe only through your nose. If that seems challenging to remember, place a sticky note on…

Alter sleeping position-To get rid of Snoring

By Ahmed Hassan saigal | October 5, 2021
Sleeping Positions

Do you snore or your partner? It’s really disturbing & annoying whoever snore in night during sleep. It’s time to change your sleeping posture if you consider the reason of your snoring is your sleeping position. Wait a minute! Do you think you can change your deep-seated habit by just…

Adverse affects of snoring on health-Need Solutions?

By Ahmed Hassan saigal | August 24, 2021

Adverse affects of snoring on health Snoring is strange scaring sounds when air cannot flow freely pass through the airway as you breathe in and out during sleep. Davis et al estimated that at least 30% of the adult population snore. This problem increases with age, and over the age…

What is the Snoring Complex and why should you care

By Ahmed Hassan saigal | November 29, 2016

What is the Snoring Complex and why should you care? The Snoring Complex is a complex of muscles that contribute to sleep-disruptive airway problems. Those problems could be snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, night terrors, swallowing, mispronunciations, dental cavities or periodontal disease, and really too many things to count.