Wake Up to a Much Better Feeling

Brain fog: How do you know you have it? Can you live with it? Yes, but why would you?

Brain fog is a symptom of not getting enough air when you are sleeping. If you are not breathing right while your body is asleep, you are not getting the oxygen to your brain to tell it that you slept well enough.

For 20 years she has been waking up with brain fog—where you just feel that you are not sleeping well and didn't get a good night's rest.

After therapy with Primal Air, she found herself being able to wake up and ready for the day. This means that she is getting better sleep and not subconsciously waking herself up in the middle of the night.

~Sheryl M.

Shirley is my friend, customer and business associate. She is smart and passionate about helping people live a better quality of life through better breathing. Breathing is the most important thing we do all day and we take it for granted. She endured with me for 12 months of insurance red tape and then recommended that I see the provider that my insurer recommended because I needed care and had already waited too long. She wants people to know how to breathe better because very few doctors are talking about it. She is a rebel with a cause and sees through the mistakes in our health care system with the goal of fixing them. And even as I remain under the care of a different provider she continues to check in on me and provide care for my son. She taught me about X-lear nose spray which has absolutely changed my breathing and changed my life because my breathing is so improved. Shirley is a true educator and earns her living doing exactly what she loves!!!

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